9 10 2009

Well the other day I was with Rob and a few other kids and we were playing in his back yard.  He had been shooting his bb-gun earlier and he had shot a yellow lightbulb and the pieces were still on the ground.  So when we were running around playing I fell and my hand slammed right down on a sharp corner and it sliced  my hand.  So now I have a cut on my hand and it hurts!


It’s a Girl!

5 10 2009


. . . skateboard that is.  I went to Zumiez yesterday and got a new board.  I got a Girl deck, Venture trucks, Reds bearings, Iron Horse griptape, and Spitfire Wheels.




_DSC0039Photos by Me

I also got some red Fallens and Enjoi and  Hurley shirts.

skate stories

3 10 2009

Dude, my name is Robby, and today I did the sickest skate stuff, man. I was skatin’ with Ross, Dylon and Jesse and I was kinda pressured to do this 2-flat 2-flat 2-flat 2-flat. On the first set I did an ollie, a 180, then a fakie shove six change, followed by the sickest kickflip ever! I landed bolts first try; it was so sick and THAT IS MY SK8 STORY MAN

by Robby (the coolest guy ever)

My big helper

1 10 2009

Well, as some people know, it’s not easy keeping up with a blog.  But luckily some of us have friends.  So I’m going to have my best friend and neighbor, Rob, help me out with ideas (because he’s a little more creative than me).  We hope you all visit every once in a while and enjoy the blog.

skate Rob

photo: jrevell


1 10 2009

Wow. I’m so glad you can type blogs on the computer.  No matter how jealous I would get of all my dad’s views, there is no way I could hand write a blog.  First, my penmanship is not the best out there (it could be close to one of the worst) which makes me feel bad for people who have to read it.  Second, writing is not my favorite pastime.  I know that there are many people out there who love to write and write.  The only reason I  write is because I’m forced to.  Typing is different though. I know a lot of people who don’t enjoy writing but enjoy typing.  I feel like it is a lot easier and a faster way to communicate, along with e-mail and IM that help the ideas get sent.


1 10 2009

Picture people, do not worry.  I will be uploading some photos shortly (both mine and my dad’s).  Hope you will enjoy.

Thanks Dad!

1 10 2009

Well apparently, my dad wants to try and help me out, because he has posted on his page ( and he has a very large number of viewers.  So I got a few more views than I expected on my second day(views jumped from 17 to 135 in two days).With  all the people checking out my page, I guess I will have to keep working.  So thanks, everybody and I hope you enjoi (do i have skateboarding on my mind?) enjoy!