30 09 2009

Ipods are great things people, especially if you travel a lot. But in my opinion an Ipod touch is even better. It has all the function of a regular small ipod, but it has more. You have internet and web browsers, great! (only downfall is no videos, so hold on to your youtube app), and access to Itunes and app store directly. There is moderate internet speed and pretty good wifi range capability (better hope your friends know their wifi code because you will be asking everyone for it ’till you find it out. But the great thing is that it memorizes the password so once is usually all you need.

App store has tons of great app ranging from games to entertainment to photo stuff to music stuff. I myself actually like the free apps. You run through them pretty fast, but hey you get to see if you like ’em and if you do you can buy ’em. There are plenty of them out there that’s for sure. Itunes is great, too. Thousands of songs, videos, movies and podcasts are at your finger tips. You can watch or hear full length podcasts for free and the songs and movies give you a little sneak peek of what your looking at. Overall its a pretty great machine (and the prices just dropped) so if you’re looking for an ipod I recommend this one. I give it 4 out of 5!


I wish i had one the size of this one.




One response

30 09 2009

For my Ipod i’d give it a five out of five. : )

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