1 10 2009

Wow. I’m so glad you can type blogs on the computer.  No matter how jealous I would get of all my dad’s views, there is no way I could hand write a blog.  First, my penmanship is not the best out there (it could be close to one of the worst) which makes me feel bad for people who have to read it.  Second, writing is not my favorite pastime.  I know that there are many people out there who love to write and write.  The only reason I  write is because I’m forced to.  Typing is different though. I know a lot of people who don’t enjoy writing but enjoy typing.  I feel like it is a lot easier and a faster way to communicate, along with e-mail and IM that help the ideas get sent.




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1 10 2009

I am impressed and you had better not get lazy because you know I will be checking your blog every day. This will help me keep up with your world from a distance.

2 10 2009
dr. j

Keep up the good work. Your style of writing is nice and smooth! Shows off who you are in a positive manner.

Great!!!!!! Px are good, also.

3 10 2009

I am a very fast typist so I usually prefer typing for almost everything, however there are just somethings that I like to write. Two things that come to mind are lists like grocery lists or when I have to run errands and my lesson plans (I’m a teacher). People at work have tried to get me to type my lesson plans, but I think I a more efficient writing them by hand.

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