It’s a Girl!

5 10 2009


. . . skateboard that is.  I went to Zumiez yesterday and got a new board.  I got a Girl deck, Venture trucks, Reds bearings, Iron Horse griptape, and Spitfire Wheels.




_DSC0039Photos by Me

I also got some red Fallens and Enjoi and  Hurley shirts.


skate stories

3 10 2009

Dude, my name is Robby, and today I did the sickest skate stuff, man. I was skatin’ with Ross, Dylon and Jesse and I was kinda pressured to do this 2-flat 2-flat 2-flat 2-flat. On the first set I did an ollie, a 180, then a fakie shove six change, followed by the sickest kickflip ever! I landed bolts first try; it was so sick and THAT IS MY SK8 STORY MAN

by Robby (the coolest guy ever)

SK8BOARD rip off

30 09 2009

Man!!. Everywhere I go always seems like an awesome skate spot,  but of course I never have my dang board. So almost everywhere I go now I’m takin’ my board but it’ll be just my luck that no place good ever pops up.