My big helper

1 10 2009

Well, as some people know, it’s not easy keeping up with a blog.  But luckily some of us have friends.  So I’m going to have my best friend and neighbor, Rob, help me out with ideas (because he’s a little more creative than me).  We hope you all visit every once in a while and enjoy the blog.

skate Rob

photo: jrevell


1 10 2009

Picture people, do not worry.  I will be uploading some photos shortly (both mine and my dad’s).  Hope you will enjoy.

Thanks Dad!

1 10 2009

Well apparently, my dad wants to try and help me out, because he has posted on his page ( and he has a very large number of viewers.  So I got a few more views than I expected on my second day(views jumped from 17 to 135 in two days).With  all the people checking out my page, I guess I will have to keep working.  So thanks, everybody and I hope you enjoi (do i have skateboarding on my mind?) enjoy!